Philip Morris International

philip morrisPhilip Morris International (PMI) is the leading international tobacco company, with products sold in approximately 180 countries.

Learning Opportunities
We are particularly strong in our career development programs which are designed to build management talent.
Your career will be in your hands. We will support you with clear strategic direction, help you set goals, evaluate your progress, develop your skills and reward your achievements. But the initiative will have to come from you!
To gain on-the-job experience quickly, you will be placed on projects with dynamic teams. You will be exposed to diverse perspectives and experiences, giving you the opportunity to learn more from the people around you. We will encourage you to take advantage of our in-house programs designed to challenge, test and identify your capabilities, and equip you with the business and interpersonal skills you would need to manage your career effectively.

Rome • Approximately 400 employees
Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. is an affiliate of Philip Morris International. It is based in Rome and is responsible for the sale and merchandising of Philip Morris International brands throughout the country. We are the leading company in the Italian tobacco market with a dynamic brand portfolio that includes top international brands. Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. today employs approximately 400 people in its head office and in a sales force that covers the whole Italian peninsula.
Since 2011, Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. has been identified by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute as one of the Top Employers in Italy and was recognized for its capability to attract and keep talent, based on the wide range of career opportunities, the employee development programs, as well as the compensation & benefit schemes.
Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. offers internship programs opportunities in all departments (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Information Service, Corporate Affairs, Legal). Moreover, all new graduates interested in a challenging working experience can join our sales force, on a Sales Representative role.

A wide range of other opportunities, for graduates and professionals are available on our website. Send your CV through the site or



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