NTSG proposed itself as a center of research and development of new technologies,

measurement and engineering systems. One such system is the “OF” that measures the

deformation of an object (having any type of shape and made of any material), using

optical strain gauges. “OF” is an innovative system based on a specific configuration of

sensors (patented in Italy and in international patent application), which provides a

measure of tri-axial deformation and in the plane as well, using a minimum number of





NTSG, New Tech Generation System, was born in Rome in 2009 by the idea of Eng. Paolo

Persi del Marmo to allocate part of professional resources of Gipac Ltd. to create a Start

Up dedicated to the research, design and construction of new engineering and

measurement systems, exploiting new technologies, materials and processes used in

pioneering fields such as Aerospace.


The NTSG is a Start Up formed in 2015 in Rome and in IT services, created on the basis of

the experience of the Eng. Paolo Persi del Marmo and his patent "OF System", and on

studies and applications built from 2009 to 2015 by Eng. Persi del Marmo and his team.


The NTSG starts with a staff of four aerospace engineers with PhDs and extensive

experience in the field of measuring instruments such as electrical and optical strain

gages. Under the leadership of the Eng. Persi del Marmo the team has designed and

developed a new system to measure the deformation in the plane and in the space, of an

object with any type of shape and made up of any material, using the fibre optic strain

gauges as sensors for measurement.


Today NTSG also includes several external consultants with decades of experience and

large professional qualifications in electronics, structures, materials, computer




The “OF” System is a tool that measures: compression, stretching, bending, load, twist,

vibration, pressure, displacement and temperature.

The system is low intrusive, highly accurate, with a large dynamic analysis, long distance

application (between the sensor and the acquisition system), no signal drift on time,

immune to atmospheric effects (electromagnetic field and waterproof), with a long life



“OF” is different from the standard application of optical strain gauges because it is able

to measure the deformation of an object, in the space and in the plane, using a specific

configuration of sensors and software of data analysis that provides a feedback about the

stresses of a structure and the parameters before mentioned.



a. Service control and measurement of a structure, in real time and high sampling rate;

b. System for the structure and personnel safety;

c. Instrument able to test the structural characteristics of new materials and new forms;

d. Tool for validation of a specific structure;

e. System for controlling the deterioration and aging of a structure;

f. Data transfer and data measurement system, along the fiber channel;



The “OF” system can be applied in several fields, in particular in civil, transport,

petrochemical, applications as:

- rail: railway track, wagons, stations

- buildings: structure, ground

- bridges: structure, pylons

- tunnels: structure, fire, ground

- dam: structure, panels

- pipeline: deformation, temperature, fluid control, deterioration

- ship: structure, load, vibration, balance

- composite material: stress, deformation, temperature, bending, torsion.


Our Services

NTSG provides the following list of services:

a. Design of the best configuration of optic sensors

b. Installation of the “OF” system

c. Calibration and test of the system

d. Data handling

e. Maintenance

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